Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Rob F

Tesla Model X Full Detail

Today we completed a Full Package on a Tesla Model X which includes exterior hand wash, clay bar and decon wash. Complete that exterior with a machine polish making the paint pop and keep it seals with our 6 month paint sealant. The highway driving has caused for vast amounts of road tar to cling to the paints surface. It was important to remove these spots in order to prep for the machine polish. We don’t want the tar getting caught into our pads and then spinning all around the car scratching it up. Safety first!! A few clay bars were destroyed in this process.

Anyhow, This exterior process cleaned the paint to perfection and gives it the Gloss Reflection and Protection it deserves

Interior Detail

tesla model x Interior detailed and looking good
Interior Detail Rear View

The white vegan leather was super soft and and very comfy to sit in. This Tesla Model X was a 2017 and kept in good condition which made it easier to clean. Now for those weather tech mats, that’s another story. How ever 9 hours later we got this car looking fantastic.

Exterior Wheel Decon

The KM on this vehicle was approaching 200k how ever the rims have been replaced recently. The purple is bleeding the iron stuck on the rims and the brown is the tar and grease being pulled from the rubber.

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