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  • Audi A4 Full Detail London Auto Detail cleaned an Audi A4 that our customer has owned for the past year. Customer bought the vehicle used and it was not as well maintained as he would have liked so he brought it to us to have his A4 detailed inside and out. The exterior received a full hand wash, bug removal…

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  • London Auto Detail offers London’s best car detailing services. We are Located in the industrial side of London’s East end off of Clarke Side Road. I’ve managed to secure a large clean garage with cameras monitoring the grounds to provide professional auto detailing around the clock. We use a variety of leading edge supplies from top professional suppliers. You can…

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  • A Word from our Graphane Supplier Jax Wax Graphene Pro 10h is the next evolution to our professional coating line. This graphene oxide coating will provide all the great characteristics of our Shield Pro 9h Ceramic Coating but even at a higher level. Benefits of Graphene Pro 10h: – 5+ years of protection – Higher Scratch Resistance – Higher Stain…

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