Professional Paint Correction

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Polishing Steps

Professional Paint Correction in London, Designed to Remove Surface Imperfections Swirl Marks & Scratches from top layer of the Cars Paint.

After a hand wash and decontamination a basic level polish with an electric polisher will clean the paint and remove very little scratches. Its purpose will be to prep the paint for a short term protection coating such as wax or sealant. We leave the car with high gloss and shine. It’s typically safe to do this on all vehicles.

paint correction
1 Step Paint Correction

This process is virtually the same as above. We slow down the process with a more aggressive polish which helps level and remove those scratches or swirls. This being a little more aggressive on your paint it can only be completed a limited number of times since we are removing clear coat.

In todays world manufactures are using less and less clear coat so we suggest following this step with a long term coating. You can expect to remove light scratches and those spider webs that appear in your paint.

This process is safe on most cars, we do take precautions and take measurements around the vehicle in advanced to make sure.

In the pictures below you can see the swirls being removed from the B pillars.

paint correction swirls
paint correction complete
2 Step Paint Correction

2 Step Paint Correction is one of the most aggressive options. This is a great step for a garage kept summer car or a vehicle you intend on ceramic coating with something long term. The first pass around the car with a compound that removes a very high percentage amount of defects.

The compound will leave the paint hazy which is why we do a 2nd step to clean the paint with a clear high gloss finish. You can view the before and after in a 50/50 shot on the changes we can make.

This option is available as option on our booking page.

paint correction example
  • We use high grade machine to give us the leading edge
  • Top of the line compounds and polishes
  • Continue to educate and train
  • We measure paints thickness for extra caution

After each paint correction we protect your paint. View our paint protection  page to learn about what might be best for you! Protecting your paint offers key benefits such as easier maintenance and a high gloss finish that will keep for years