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Nissan Altima

This car detail was 2015 Nissan Altima that signed up for our full interior + Buff and wax package. Each detail presents its own unique challenges whether it be a customers request or something to do with the detail its self. This challenge was minor, but the amount of imbedded brake dust and fallow out was a bit tedious to remove.


Chemical Decontamination

In the images below you’ll see the purple running down the paint. That’s the reaction when we use our fallout remover which dissolves the foreign materials, additional we move around the car with synthetic clay bar to remove tougher imbedded orange specs.


chemical bath

Polish Stage

Once it is all containments are removed we bust out the polisher to remove any marring and bring out the shine and gloss. We need to ensure they are removed because having a high spinning buffer pad will pick up fallout and potentially scratch the surface. To top it off the process we add sealant which will last up to 6 months. This will preserve the gloss and add a level of protection. It will make maintenance washes a easier and bug removal will be so much easier. This last step is essential to have a great look keep for a while.



Interior Detail

This car detail defiantly needed an inside clean. You will see some salt stains in the final because the customer chose not to grab our shampoo package. Sometimes we get asked if leather seats are easier than cloth. The answer depends on the colour and condition of each. Leather seats will allow spills sink back into the hard crevice of the seat cushion while the cloth absorbs it.

With dirt, hair and sand or air tool works very well to disrupt the dirt caught in the fibers of the floor carpet. Sometime we agitate stubborn dirt with a brush, but we prefer to take the less aggressive methods first.


[bafg id=”3065″]

I hope you enjoyed our little write up of this car detail, we will continue to post more of these so you can learn the process and perhaps wonder why this took around hours to complete.


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