Interior Car Detailing Services

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Interior Car Detailing

Professional Vacuuming

Interior car detailing services may seem like a small thing to you, but when your car is vacuumed it makes such an amazing difference. With our interior detailing service we will make sure that every inch of its inside is properly cleaned which includes getting rid of any crumbs or pet hair as an option.

car detailing vacuum clean
Leather Protection

The sun can cause major damage to your car, even if it may not be apparent right away. London Auto Detail can provide a ceramic coating protection for your leather, keeping them from fading due UV damage from the sun.

leather clean
Carpet and and Floor Shampoo

Salts stains and spills can make a permanent problem unless attended too in a timely manner. It will lead to unwanted odors and unpleasant to look at. We use a hot water extractor mixed with the right upholstery chemicals to leave your surface clean with a pleasant freshener left behind.

car detailing clean carpets
Plastic Moldings and Trim

We are gentle on this highly abused UV surfaces. Cleaned with PH neutral automotive products meant for leather vinyl and plastics we massage the surfaces with a detail brush getting all the crevasses possible. We can agitate with steam making this chemical free and safe for kids! Once complete you should opt in for our UV Protection package. Difficult to get areas will be used with our air gun to gently remove those impossible areas such as vents.

interior clean
Windows and Screens

The interior of your car can be a dirty place. It’s often hard to see out of the window when you have dirt on it, and this makes driving very difficult for everyone involved! Let London Auto Detail clean up that mess so that you have a safer drive with your family. Navigation screens collect finger prints and dust. We will leave them clean and streak free!

screen before and after

Auto Car Detailing Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery as well as thoroughly hand washing, cleaning interior detailing services. Safely Steam clean plastics.


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Add Ons

Our interior car detail will transform your vehicle. Some Options to take your car to the next level include some options below.

  • Fabric Protection
  • Condition Leather Seats
  • Shampoo and Extraction
  • Pet Hair Removal
  • Salt Stain Removal