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Exterior Hand Wash

Exterior Detailing Services in London provides professional hand wash techniques to safely clean and protect with Premium auto detailing products.

With proper cleaning techniques we safely hand wash your vehicle. Pre Rinse the heavy dirt and grime prepping for our safest foam or rinseless wash. Cleaning your brown rubber tires will restore the look to a fine mat finish. Your tires will be dressed and look like new.

Our two bucket method allows for safe hands on clean which is the only way to remove dirt and grime in those tight areas. Finally we will finish your paints finish with a spray sealants that will keep the paint looking glossy for months to come.

Foam Bath
Polish and Protect

With our buff and wax package we really give it a real face lift. Providing a clay bar treatment we remove the finer containments not easily visible until removed to reveal the high shine your paint really has. Lighter colour paints may show orange spots that look like rust.

We remove those with a chemical decontamination and prep for a machine polish and finish it off with a spray sealant or wax that will last up to 6 months. This is our most popular exterior package and will protect your paint for months to come!

chrome polish
Paint Protection Coating

The best you can do for your vehicles look is to ceramic coat it with our paint protection coating. It offers years of protection which will give a wax looked no matter the time of year. Maintenance becomes an ease with how slick your surface becomes. Depending on the age and condition of your vehicle we would suggest a paint correction

ceramic coating being applied
Glass and Windows

The trick to cleaning windows is using proper automotive window products that are safe of window tint and streak free. We often need to remove sap and use many towels to get the window looking perfect!

window cleaning

Add Ons

Our interior car detail will transform your vehicle. Some Options to take your car to the next level include some options below.

  • Wheel Barrels
  • Chemical Decontamination
  • Clay Bar
  • Glass and Window Coating
  • Dress Exterior Trim