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Car Ceramic Coating

We are London’s car Ceramic Coating Specialist. With years of experience you can trust a professional install with results that meet your expectations.

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What is a Car Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coating Benefits

What is Ceramic Coating for Cars?

To understand ceramic coatings, it’s helpful to first look at the most common paint-protection products.

Wax is organic and the most affordable, available in various forms ranging from an old-school paste to a quick-and-easy spray. For decades, “waxing” a car has been synonymous with keeping it looking shiny and new. Unfortunately, wax isn’t terribly durable and, therefore, should be applied multiple times per year. Most waxes will last 2-6 weeks depending if its garage kept and the conditions it lives in.

Sealants, on the other hand, are synthetic and developed to last several months. They are easily applied, though typically don’t offer the same deep shine one gets from a quality wax.

Both are outmatched by a ceramic coating. This silica-based liquid polymer is applied by hand and cures to form a protective layer that, when properly maintained, can be effective for several years.

Professional Ceramic Coating from London Auto Detail offers strong durable protection over delicate cars paint, leaving behind a remarkable shine and protection

The coating is applied after the paint correction process. It’s a thin layer applied meticulously by hand inch by inch in a cross hatch pattern. This method makes sure we don’t miss any surface and ensure its level. The application process is relatively quick, perhaps 45 minutes or so but its all in the prep work.

The coating can be applied to virtual all exterior surfaces as well.

  • Paint
  • Glass ( In select packages)
  • Plastic trims
  • Tonneau covers (extra cost)
  • Wheel Faces
  • Wheel barrels (off wheel installation only)
  • Chrome
  • and more

Curing time for the coating is about a full week. Our coating is rain safe after 4 hours of cure time. We just suggest no car washes within the first week and keep dry as much as possible.

Once fully cured the paints surface is protected and will keep this beautiful look for years to come with proper maintenance. This means proper washing techniques which we can talk about. This means avoiding mechanical car washes.

ceramic coating being applied
ceramic coating

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

What are the advantages of ceramic coating my car?

There are many benefits to ceramic coating your car.


There are several benefits to using ceramic coating on your car’s exterior:

  1. Protects against the elements: Ceramic coating provides a barrier against dirt, grime, and other contaminants, as well as UV rays, which can fade and damage the paint over time.
  2. Maintains shine: Ceramic coating helps to keep your car’s paint looking shiny and vibrant, even after multiple washes.
  3. Makes cleaning easier: Because dirt and grime do not adhere as easily to ceramic coated surfaces, it’s much easier to keep your car clean and looking its best.
  4. Long-lasting: Ceramic coating can last for several years, depending on the specific product used and how well it is maintained.
  5. Increases resale value: A car that is well-maintained and looks like new is more likely to fetch a higher price when it’s time to sell. Ceramic coating can help to maintain the appearance of your car, increasing its resale value.
  • Multi Year protection
  • Extra Layer of durable protection
  • UV protection which helps prevent paint fading and oxidizing
  • Hydrophobic making it repel dirt and rain off the surface
  • Protects from other road chemicals adhering the the paint
  • Car is easier to clean foreign materials can’t bond to the coated surfaces
  • No more waxing your car
  • Your car will look newer for longer!
  • Stain resistance
  • ceramic coating that can protect well on all painted surfaces, plastic trim pieces, glass, and wheels
  • Enhances paint depth and colour

What Brands do we use?

We are always active in the ceramic coating world and review our brands and relationships with the manufactures. We offer products from 1year of protection to 10 years with self healing properties.

We also install brands not listed below, just ask!!