Audi A4

Audi A4

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Audi A4 Full Detail

London Auto Detail cleaned an Audi A4 that our customer has owned for the past year. Customer bought the vehicle used and it was not as well maintained as he would have liked so he brought it to us to have his A4 detailed inside and out.

Audi A4 exterior detail waxed

The exterior received a full hand wash, bug removal treatment and tar removal treatment followed up with a machine polish using our paint sealant to protect the paint for the next 7-12 months. We do recommend a few extra steps to bring this wonderful car back to a better state. This was a huge turn around with the services provided.


The interior on this Audi A4 was in great condition and didn’t need much more than a our standard interior clean. Rubber floor mats can be difficult to return to original state but with our experience and knowledge it wasn’t an issue.

The process on the interior was a thorough vacuum followed by steam cleaning select areas and wiping down of all surfaces including UV protection and an anti static finish reducing the levels of dust build up going forward.. We finished this by cleaning out the customers vents using our specific vent cleaner and process including air tools. The final step was a thorough cleaning of all glass, touch screen, and instrument cluster.

Audi A4 interior car cleaning complete front seats
Audi A4 interior car cleaning complete rear seats

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