April 2022

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  • Ford Edge Interior Car Detail This Ford Edge was a 2013 Limited trim level, very nice car that has been lived in. They have a lovely furry family member named Hank that spends some time in the back half of the vehicle during outings. It was our job to make that go away. We have refined our pet hair removal…

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  • Express Exterior This truck was living on a dirt road and you could tell by the way it looked when he dropped it off. Thick dried on mud in the wheel wells, wheel barrels and all up the side of the truck. We performed and undercarriage rinse to remove the gime and I can honestly say his fuel economy improve…

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  • Tesla Model X Full Detail Today we completed a Full Package on a Tesla Model X which includes exterior hand wash, clay bar and decon wash. Complete that exterior with a machine polish making the paint pop and keep it seals with our 6 month paint sealant. The highway driving has caused for vast amounts of road tar to cling…

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